Waltham Associate petting dog at  Waltham Petcare Science Institute

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Dog care

<p>Are you thinking about getting a dog? Browse through our resources to learn more about adopting responsibly, dog nutrition, dental care, and how to ensure they stay at a healthy weight.</p>

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Cat Care

<p>Are you thinking about getting a cat? Learn more about adopting a cat responsibly, their nutrition, dental care and ways to help keep your feline friend at a healthy weight.</p>

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<p>In collaboration with scientific experts, we have produced a series of pocket booklets to share knowledge on aspects of pet care.</p>

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<p>We take great pride in sharing key findings with the scientific and pet care communities, helping to create; A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.</p>

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Growth Charts

<p>Our WALTHAM™ Puppy Growth Charts are a user-friendly clinical tool designed for veterinary professionals to monitor dog growth.</p>

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