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Pet Unit facilitator job vacancy


Are you an organised individual test, passionate about animal research? Would you enjoy working in an environment surrounded by pets? Are you keen to join us in using science to drive our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS?

Following an internal promotion, we're looking for a pet unit facilitator to join our team! As unit facilitator, you will facilitate the day to day running of one of our 8 Pet (cat or dog) Units.

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You will

  • Ensure the Unit runs effectively
  • Plan and maintain the Unit training matrix and Unit team training plan
  • Ensure that data collected is accurate and high quality, carry out routine analysis and communicate insights
  • Manage the Unit resource scheduling, including people, pet diets, consumables, animal care plan, unit tasks
  • Own and manage continuous improvement projects

Laboratory Scientist job vacancy - Chemistry

Do you have experience working in a laboratory and carrying out GCMS or LCMS?* If yes, we may have a job for you!

As a Chemistry laboratory scientist, you will be responsible for and carry out a variety of experimental techniques and methodologies to meet the needs of research projects. The data you will produce will contribute to scientific discoveries which will support the creation of new or improved products and services that reach millions of pets across the world through our brands to make a better world for pets.

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*Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 
 Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

You will

  • Perform methodologies and processes 
  • Provide input during project discussions
  • ​​​​​​Drive and contribute to validation, refinement and troubleshooting of methodologies.
  • Perform method development and troubleshooting on LCMS or GCMS
  • Carry out maintenance of equipment
  • Provide training and support to others on methodologies and ways of working. 
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Maintain a laboratory notebook
  • Work to drive efficiency and optimal ways of working
  • Contribute to written reports and scientific publications
  • Work in line quality, health, safety and environment requirements.

Laboratory Scientist job vacancy- Molecular microbiology


Do you want to use your experience in molecular microbiology to help drive our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. 

We're looking for a laboratory scientist in the molecular microbiology area.

You will develop in vitro methods that help advance our understanding of the host-microbiome interactions in cats and dogs (for example gut, skin or oral axes)

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You will

  • Work in partnership with others to bring knowledge and experience to develop new laboratory methods
  • Plan, manage and execute studies
  • Collate, interpret and present experimental data 
  • Have oversight of equipment, resources, health, safety and environment (HSE) and maintenance of a lab
  • supervise and support others including by delivering training and reviewing the quality of work (up to 5 people),
  • support driving efficiency, and implement continuous improvement initiatives in HSE and quality.  

Research Scientist - Biomarkers (18 month contract)



We have an exciting opportunity to join our Research Team as a Research Scientist!

You will help ensure successful translation of the WALTHAM™ Research program in practice. This involves the effective co-ordination of resources (people, animals, laboratory, equipment and diets) to deliver high quality data and results to defined study timelines.

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You will

  • Manage, implement and deliver internal research studies
  • Design, produce and communicate research study protocols and generate support materials for research studies.
  • Collate and run quality control of scientific data
  • Communicate study findings
  • Develop and continuously improve laboratory or animal techniques in support of research studies, to include training personnel.
  • Co-ordinate and direct study teams.

Animal (cat and dog) trainer job vacancy


Do you have experience working as an animal trainer? Are you keen to join us in using science to drive our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS

We're looking for someone to join our pet trainer team.

You'll work in line with our approach to research and will play an important role in delivering animal training and enrichment to the pets at Waltham.

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You will

  • deliver trial related training to cats and dogs 
  • identify training protocols for animals to perform non-regulated research procedures, e.g. urine collection.
  • enable regulated research procedures, by training animals and cuing to position, then holding animals for the personal licensees.
  • deliver early life training to kittens and puppies.
  • drive your continuous professional development in the field of animal training.

Engineering and Facilities manager job vacancy


Are you an experienced people leader with strong a background in engineering?

We have an exciting opportunity for someone to join the Waltham operations leadership team as engineering and facilities manager!

In this role you will be accountable for the development and delivery of the site asset masterplan to support the goals of the Institute

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You will

  • Be accountable for the creation, design, development and implementation of the Waltham Site Masterplan
  • Be accountable for Financial, Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Welfare and Environmental standards for all engineering work
  • Provide leadership, accountability and strategic development of the integrated facilities management programme.
  • Develop the stakeholder map for facilities across the global and engineering structures.
  • Lead a team of reports and indirect leadership of soft services contractors.

Junior Capability Project Manager job vacancy

Are you looking for a project-based role? Are you interested in working in R&D?

You will develop and deploy our capabilities and digital tools aligned to pet performance at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute. As the team's Junior Capabilities Project Manager, you will lead projects to develop and implement new capabilities with global R&D teams.

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You will

  • Develop and deploy new capabilities or digital tools
  • Initiate, gain approval for, manage and report on team projects
  • Define, negotiate, and supervise resources for projects.
  • Communication project results to stakeholders and customers.
  • Maintain awareness of relevant internal and external capability knowledge and apply this knowledge to current projects.


Product Performance Methodology Manager job vacancy

We are offering a fantastic opportunity to join us in a leadership role and influence a number of Mars Petcare R&D teams.

You will develop, deploy and continuously improve our capabilities and digital tools aligned to product performance.

As the pet lead for the global product performance methodology group you will manage communication to key stakeholders and leadership teams. You will also drive global methodology standards across regions and leading statistical, data and systems based projects.

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You will

  • Develop and implement future strategy
  • Collaborate with experts, stakeholders and research agencies.
  • Lead the quality management process and auditing program, conduct in-person audits of product testing facilities & assess deployment of standards and methodologies.
  • Track and deliver projects
  • Lead the statistical work required
  • Provide technical leadership to R&D associates to develop understanding of research methodologies and capabilities.

Data Systems Owner job vacancy 

Are you a highly skilled data engineer and data manager?

We’re looking for a Data Systems Owner help us drive more value from our Data Lake and data assets.

You'll help ensure we have excellent data quality and a reliable and well managed data infrastructure.

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You will

  • create and own multiple Data Lake data assets
  • Work with experts, customers, and stakeholders across Mars to ensure the products meet their needs and maximise the value we get from our data assets
  • be responsible for the successful delivery of complex systems projects
  • manage the key data lake components of our bioinformatics and science data infrastructure 

Pet (cat and dog) Unit Specialist job vacancy 

Are you a team player, passionate about animal research? Would you enjoy a hands-on role working with cats and dogs? Are you keen to join us in using science to drive our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS

If yes, then we look forward to hearing from you! Our Pet Specialist roles play a key part in delivering our research program and every day, you get to work with our cats and dogs.

Find out more and apply here.

You will

  • Deliver the tasks for our research studies including collecting data or biological samples from our pets (e.g. faeces or urine).
  • Provide care for our dogs and cats through animal husbandry and training, using positive reinforcement.
  • Work safely and to a high quality.

Veterinary Nurse Specialist job vacancy

Are you a veterinary nurse with experience in general practice? Looking for a job slightly different?

We have an amazing vacancy for nurses that want to join us in delivering on our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. We offer a stable work pattern, with no night or on call work, and with direct day to day contact with our pets, so you can keep your clinical skills up to date.

In this role, you will deliver and support the provision of veterinary care to our pet population. This underpins the effective and efficient delivery of the science programme at Waltham.

Apply here

Multiple roles available

You will:

  • Deliver routine and non-routine veterinary care for one or more pet units.
  • Triage veterinary and animal health related queries.
  • deliver routine veterinary related tasks. For example weighing of animals, adjusting dietary requirements and delivering preventative treatments such as vaccinations.
  • Collection of health and research data from our dogs and cats (e.g. bodyweights, oral health assessments).
  • Perform animal health checks.
  • Identify and act upon continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Support cat/dog breeding programmes.
  • Deliver veterinary treatments and responding to veterinary queries during core hours at weekends.

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